Sarah D. Karnes

Spiritual Nourishment
    Standing for Love, Joy and Aliveness
          (262) 249-1176 or (262) 745-8362
Sarah Karnes is an enthusiastic supporter of the remarkable Human Spirit that resides in each of
us, that we may reclaim more of our innate capacity for Love, Joy and Aliveness! She is also a
practitioner & Midwest coordinator with The Way of the Heart, an international organization devoted to empowering individual and collective life purpose.
As a life coach, she guides individuals and groups to move forward with their meaningful dreams and goals in a way that incorporates sweetness in the efforts required. Her experience with transforming serious health symptoms in herself and her family began Sarah on a course of study that includes holistic Nutrition, The Way of the Heart, Feng Shui, Touch for Health, Music, Spirituality and Art.

Sarah's coaching practice (called Spiritual Nourishment) integrates compassionate "attitude adjustments" with energetic field work, self-awareness, skillful listening and humor. She appreciates partnering with clients in the transformation of the "raw" ingredients of life into the Spiritual Nourishment that is most fitting for them. Through life experience, parenting and relationships, Sarah continues to stretch her learning edges, transmute perceived obstacles and re-create her life with more grace and joy.

In Spiritual Nourishment, I seek to honor your specific needs as well as your most valued ideals. We work together with spirit, compassion and humor. What I require from my clients is a real desire, and commitment to say what they want (no one can want it for you more than you want it for your self!) Another important element is the willingness to be honest with oneself regarding what scares and what excites them. My clients recognize the importance of making the shift from a "fixed"(stuck) mindset
to a "growth"(possibility) mindset. We will co-create toward the most relevant and beautiful possibilities for you and your ideals.
Sarah is available at Inner Balance by appointment. Call Sarah at (262) 745-8362 to schedule. If you would like to attend one of her monthly Your Body as Your Friend gatherings please click HERE for more information

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Coaching & Integration sessions often include:

- Relationship: Dissolving perceived walls, deepening communication & intimacy
- Reclaiming Joy! It is your Right and an important Rite for your Aliveness
- Parenting with Greater Love and More Sanity
- Life Mission: What is mine, Why it's important, How do I live it most skillfully and      authentically?
- Food styles Coaching (clarifying what works more gracefully for you and your well being)
- Living a more Alive, Passionate and Meaning-full Life
- The Way of the Heart training /mentoring
- Emotional Sobriety - from Re-action to Response-ability

- Your Body as your Friend