Being in Self Workshop
BEING IN SELF:  A Path to Inner Balance

An Experiential One-Day Retreat for Women of All Ages

Each of life's chapters offers women unique challenges along with wonderful opportunities for growth and empowerment.  One of the main assets of this day-long retreat is the genuine sharing, presence and co-creation of the group. Our goal is to help you develop more insight, awareness, skills and strength so that you can live a life of authenticity, self-actualization and fulfillment.

We will draw upon many teachings and practices to awaken and encourage a deeper experience of connecting with and being in Self.   Time, space, support and safety will be offered for writing, drawing, movement and verbal processing as you work toward a greater clarity and consciousness. The day will be transformative, and we hope you can join us.

When:      Dates to be announced                                                                      

Where:     Inner Balance, 350 Pfingsten Rd, Suite 107, Northbrook, IL. 60062

Cost:         $185 for the entire day.

Who:      The group will include 6-10 women and will be led by Ellen Katz, LFMT, and Linda Kroll, LCPC, JD, both experienced psychotherapists.  Linda and Ellen have extensive backgrounds in leading numerous groups, retreats and workshops filled with wisdom, humor and heart.

To Register:  Please contact us or call Linda at 847-914-0560 or you can email her at

Feel free to contact us with any question, thought or concern you may have.  We wish to provide for each of you an environment that is safe and supportive and we will do our best to address your needs.

What to bring:  A journal for writing or drawing (crayons, pastels will be provided); Comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely.

Important - please bring an object that belongs to you, something that will open to other group members “a window to your soul". It can be a photo, a book, a poem, a piece of art, a letter, an old stuffed animal, something you've made, or anything else that will help you share a little more about yourself, and allow others to get to know you more deeply.

We are looking forward to spending a magical and meaningful day with you,

Linda and Ellen