Our Associates

"As therapists, we understand that our symptoms - emotional, physical and mental - are actually attempts on the part of our unconscious mind to either protect or communicate with us."  Linda Kroll

Practitioners at Inner Balance provide opportunities for individuals, couples and families to become aware of unconscious habits or patterns. Clients learn tools to help enrich their lives and become more present and authentic in all their relationships. We help generate more self-care and self-love, and offer interventions and practices that strengthen the healing process.

Whether one is dealing with anxiety, loss, trauma, addiction, depression or general life stress, self awareness and new skills will allow our personal wisdom and integrity to emerge. In “Self”, we are able to be emotionally sober. We can feel our feelings while not being a slave to them.

When there is an integration of the pre-frontal cortex (the clear thinking, insightful and deliberate part of the brain) with the parts that are responsible for reflexes, survival, pain and pleasure, we are emotionally sober.

All Inner Balance associates are committed to helping each client evolve towards wellness and wholeness. Although the practices may vary, the goal of each of us is to facilitate healing and growth in body, mind and spirit.