Biana Mavasheva

After opening up Oneness Center, as a certified Oneness Trainer from Oneness University in India, Biana has assisted the personal and spiritual growth of hundreds of people through workshops and individual care.
Biana is also a Certified Kai Chi Do Instructor which is a metaphysical workout for body, mind and spirit that awakens our connection with the Oneness in everything. Additionally, Biana guides Meditation and Oneness Blessing's throughout the week at various Center’s in the Chicagoland area.
Biana holds a Degree in Psyhology and has spent the past years helping and healing others through various organizations such as CHIP (Children of Incarcerated Parents Mentorship Program), provided healings and guidance at Universal Health Medical Center, and also staffed President Obama’s campaign and worked for his OFA Chicago branch in 2009.
Biana expresses that her joy today comes from watching people resolve conflict, heal relationships, connect to their inner essence, feel empowered, and soar in their lives.

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