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Meditation MeetUp

July 24 - 10 to 11:30a  "Satsang" with Maytawee at Inner Balance.

July 24 - 4 to 6:00p

Bhakti Caravan Musical Meditation / Kirtan at MSI in Evanston

July 25 - 7 to 9:00p

Sacred Movement Mandala with Maytawee at Inner Balance

*details on these events at the bottom of this page

Inner Balance

We understand the words inner balance, but do we actually know how it feels or how to achieve it? Is Inner Balance just an ideal, a dream we can only strive for, having no clue as to how we can attain it? Or is it a real possibility? Let's start with the imagining this state of being internally balanced. 

It is our first step.

Inner Balance is an internal space of wholeness, a regulated state where mind, body, spirit and emotions are influenced by our conscious choice of attitudes, actions and beliefs. Inner Balance is also a calm, nurturing physical space - currently in the Chicago and Los Angeles areas - where the chaos of our everyday thinking, frenetic and automatic actions become mindful, focused and clear.

With integrative, intuitive coaching and psycho-therapy at its foundation, the vision of Inner Balance is to be a collaborative, inclusive gathering place, a meditation space and learning venue. As a resource  for our physical and virtual communities, we make it our business to offer opportunities for personal growth, healing and expansion.  We also want to provide links to the many opportunities for personal growth and spiritual evolution that exist today.

Inner Balance offers such healing modalities as  yoga, meditation sessions, Shamanic Journeys, Integrative Breathwork, Holographic Memory Resolution, the Lifeline Technique, Reiki training, hypnotherapy, Oneness Blessings and a wide variety of training opportunities for self-care. (See our calendar for details).  Many of our events are offered at no charge or in exchange for a modest donation. In exploring this site you will also find power points and meditations that you can download for free, as well as reasonably priced guided meditations and self-care programs that can be purchased.

Thank you for visiting us. It is our sincere hope that we can be of service in supporting your adventures in personal growth, healing and expansion.

Om Shanti (Peace),
Ellen Katz and Linda Kroll
Founders of Inner Balance

*Inner Balance is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP solely is responsible for all aspects of the program.

Upcoming Events-

July 24, from 10-11:30 am, IB will host a gathering with Maytawee called a "Satsang."  Maytawee is a guide who has worked closely with Eckhart Tolle in the past, and more recently was initiated by a Buddhist priest in Thailand, where she lives fo about six months per year.  She will be giving a short discourse and guiding a spiritual conversation, followed by some gentle "kirtan" which I will lead! I will teach some simple mantras and we will chant them back-and-forth together.  This practice is considered by many to be the fastest, most powerful path to enlightenment and personal expansion. This offering is for a donation only ($10 suggested).

On Monday night, 25 July, we will have a movement Sacred Movement Mandala at Inner Balance with Maytawee from 7-9 pm. Music takes us on an 11-layer inner emotional journey to discover the natural Self in motion. With soft eyes in candlelight, Maytawee guides us from meditation to a body release back to stillness, awakening the sacred freedom within. There are no movement rules, simply BE as you let go of pain and stress. The body is recalibrated in oneness. The class offers intuitively channeled music. The cost is $20, and class size is LIMITED!

On Sunday afternoons 7/24, from 4-6 pm at MSI in Evanston, The Bhakti Caravan kirtan band will offer a musical meditation in the form of Kirtan. I would be so honored if you joined us!  Kirtan is an experience that draws you into the Now. Breathing fully as you chant and surrendering to the vibrations of mantra and music, we collectively experience Obeeness, surrender and vitalizung, cleansing energy. Proceeds for this, go to MSI, who offers a free meditation weekly in Evanstan. ($10 suggested donation).